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High-Octane Podcast – Episode 001
Discover what Success4Real stands for, why it matters and how it can help you achieve a new level of greatness. What "The 4 Pillars of High-Octane Success" are and how you can take advantage of them. And the principle of BOP and why it's called "The Essence of Excellence"
Meet Your Co-Hosts
Thom "The Hangup Assassin"  McFadden

Thom McFadden is known as Hollywood’s Coach to the Stars. He is the author of 'Acting for Real', the award winning book the New York Times called - “Remarkable!" Thom has been assisting actors, entertainment industry professionals and corporate America to TAKE ACTION and achieve new levels of greatness for over twenty years.


Seth "The Transformer" Larrabee

Seth Larrabee Is known as The Achievement Coach. He was able to transform himself from an overweight, unhealthy, alcoholic to happy, healthy and wealthy in every area of his life in less than two years. Seth now loves to inspire others to have more fun in their lives and achieve new levels of greatness.