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Thom McFadden

"Coach To The Stars"


Discover The Worlds Most Powerful Confidence Boosting Strategy and Start Using It In Just 7 Minutes From Now

If You're Curious How To Overcome Uncertainty, Befriend Fear and Generate The Powerful Confidence You Desire...

Seth Larrabee

"The Transformer"

Your Personality Genius Is The Key To Success...

"Understanding your Personality Genius is the key to being successful in any endeavor. To have the courage to ‘just be’ who you really are is what Thom most definitely will give you. He did for me! Thom is the most expensive coach in Hollywood but he always gives you more than you pay for.”

Joe Penny 
TV Star and Actor

My Life Will Never Be The Same...

Because Seth helped me, I was able to launch my plugin which made almost $200k in sales! The best thing for me is not the money, but the breakthrough that came with doing something that I never thought possible, I have the feeling that my life will never be the same. THANK YOU, Seth, for sharing your wisdom with me!

Raul Mellado 
WordPress Developer

Thom Recharged My Enthusiasm...

Thom's coursework recharged my enthusiasm, imagination, and creativity.  It also reminded me to live in the present with as much passion as I can.  You are what you believe!

Tony Little 
Famous TV Personality

The Books

Success4Real is a powerful guide to dumping your hangups and nuking your fears, allowing you to achieve a new level of greatness.

Acting For Real, written by Hollywood's "Coach To The Stars" - Thom McFadden, reveals the Secrets-of-the-Stars used by A-List actors.

About Thom and Seth

Thom McFadden is known as The Hangup Assassin and Hollywood’s Coach to the Stars. Thom is also the author of 'Acting for Real', the award winning book the New York Times called - “Remarkable!" Thom has been working with actors, entertainment industry professionals and corporate America for over twenty years. His passion is to assist those who are ready to TAKE ACTION and achieve new levels of greatness.

Seth Larrabee is known as The Transfomer  and The Achievement Coach.  Seth figured out how to transform himself from a fat, unhealthy, alcoholic to happy, healthy and wealthy in every area of his life in less than two years.   Seth now loves to inspire others to have more fun and achieve new levels of greatness using the exact strategies he discovered and implemented during his own incredible life transformation.